Endoscopy Unit

Anderson Veterinary Surgery is able to offer a comprehensive range of endoscopy and endosurgery procedures. Endosurgery is a rapidly growing area of veterinary practice due to its advantages over conventional surgery. Endoscopy allows visual examination of internal organs and body parts without the need of invasive exploratory surgery, thereby increasing recovery times and reducing surgical risks.   

Our endoscopy unit is lead by Tommy Hargittai, who has undergone the Improve International Endoscopy and Endosurgery General Practitioner Certificate training programme.


The advantage of endoscopy over other methods of evaluating the digestive system is that it is nonsurgical. The endoscopy instrument is passed down the mouth and enters the digestive tract. The technique allows for visualisation of the inside of the digestive system and for taking samples of the lining of these organs, including biopsies. Additionally, many foreign bodies in the stomach may be removed via endoscopy, preventing the need for abdominal surgery.


This involves the placement of the endoscopic instruments within a joint via keyhole incisions, allowing meticulous visualisation of the cartilage surfaces and ligaments. Arthroscopy allows much more detailed evaluation of the joint compared to standard radiography (x-rays). Arthroscopic surgery has revolutionised the treatment for many orthopaedic conditions, such as meniscal injuries in the knee joint, elbow dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD).


Endoscopy is frequently utilised in the investigation of upper and lower respiratory tract disease. The endoscopic camera can be used to examine the nasal cavity and sinuses, the larynx (in cases of laryngeal paralysis and brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome), trachea (in cases of tracheal collapse), bronchi and lungs. Bronchoscopy allows comprehensive visualisation of the respiratory tract, and provides a non-invasive means to collection samples (lung fluid and biopsies) and remove foreign bodies (inhaled objects).

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