Keyhole Surgery



Anderson Veterinary Surgery is proud to be one of a handful of surgeries in this country to offer keyhole techniques for surgical procedures such as bitch spays.

Keyhole procedures (laparoscopy) involve passing a camera and specialised instruments through tiny holes (0.5‐1.2cm) on the body wall to perform surgical procedures.

We are now using keyhole surgery to perform neutering in bitches. In using this technique, the ovaries are removed (ovariectomy) through keyhole incisions in the abdomen with video-assisted instruments.


Keyhole surgery has many advantages over conventional procedure:

  • Quicker recovery – Most of the dogs will usually get back to normal life on the following day
  • Less painful for the animal – No large incisions
  • Risk of infection is low – The risk of post-operative infection is minimal since the abdominal cavity is not exposed to the outside environment as in convention surgery
  • Faster healing time – The size of the surgical wounds are very small (keyhole) which results quicker healing
  • This procedure can be performed in dogs weighing from 4.5kgs and above
  • Very rarely the procedure cannot be performed via a laparoscope and the procedure will be converted to a conventional spay

We are also using keyhole surgery in a variety of other situations due to its advantages:

  • Gastroscopy – A camera passes down the mouth of the patient to view and biopsy the inside of the stomach and intestinal tract in cases of gastro-intestinal problems
  • Arthroscopy – Key-hole joint surgeries for the treatment of a variety of joint problems including elbow dysplasia, meniscal injuries in the knee and bone/cartilage cysts (osteochondritis dissecans) in joints
  • Tracheoscopy / Bronchoscopy – A camera is passed down the mouth to view the airways and lungs in patients with breathing issues
  • Laparoscopy – Minimally-invasive method of looking at internal organs for signs of disease and performing biopsies if needed (e.g. liver biopsy)
  • Laparoscopy – Identifying and removing retained testicles in male dogs (cryptorchidism – when the testicles are stuck within the abdominal cavity which increases the risk of testicular cancer)

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